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Thread: Wood stain and carpet

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    Wood stain and carpet


    I have a 15 year old cockatiel. My landlord recently was going to carpet the stairs in the hallway outside my apartment. I took my bird to a friends house intending to leave him there for two days. My landlord then proceeded to stain the banisters, front door, hall table and even part of the floor outside my apartment with highly toxic wood stain. The hallway smells really strongly, but my apartment doesn't after the first day. My question is, how long do you think I have to keep the bird away? My friend can't watch him longterm. The staining was done on Wednesday and the carpet yesterday. It's not in my apt but is directly outside the door (I have a studio). I would have to quickly walk the bird through the hallway to get him back in. I had planned to pick him up tomorrow, but am now worried after reading online posts that say to keep them out for a month.



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    Re: Wood stain and carpet

    I would leave it a few days to let the fumes dissipate a little bit more before you bring him back home. If you have an air purifier, run it or even ask your landlord if it is OK if you run one in the hallway to help get it out quicker. I don't think you need to wait a whole month since it wasn't in your apartment specifically.

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