i have somewhat of a crazy question, does only a female and male bird mate or can two females do it too ? i seen my 2 lovebirds mate for about 7 days everymorning and some days several times a day. i just got the second bird about 2 months ago from a breeder and she said it was a male but no dna was done, anyhow i now have 7 eggs they were laid 6/2 6/4 6/6/ 6/8 6/10/ 6/10 6/11 6/12. i had achance to look at 2 eggs this moring and i did not see anything but i don't know if its to soon if by chance they were the last two eggs that were laid. the hen started setting when the very first egg was laid, and the male? is feeding her and stays in the nest box with her. so i guess i want to know if only the male and female actually mate or will 2 females go through the actions as well. thanks for any help you can give, oh and since she started setting from the first egg does that mean it could hatch on the 25th or 26th?