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Thread: My little boy gave me a heart attack

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    My little boy gave me a heart attack

    Hey guys my little boy gave me a heart attack last night. He somehow broke one of his nails really short and i thought he was gonna bleed to death. Ok so here is the story I work every night from 2pm-8pm and my hubby works from 8am till 8pm I got home after work and checked on my birds my little boy was covered in blood i mean covered from beak to tail there was blood all over the cage ropes and floor of the cage. But still as soon as he saw he he came to the door to come out he always does i panicked and grabbed him out of the cage. At this time i did not know where the blood was coming from so i grabbed a towel and a warm cloth so that i could wipe down his beak and chest feathers i have the vet on speed dial so i called the vet my hubby was an hour away just getting off his work. So i had no way to get to the vet so i phoned him. So anyway the vet was asking me all these questions about my little boy like can he perch without falling and all these questions anyway by the end of the 1 hour phone call we had the bleeding stopped and found that his nail had broken and that as long as it doesn't start bleeding again he would be fine and if i had any problems to phone him right away anytime of day. I love my vet. So i stayed up with my boy all night and he is fine he keeps coming to the door of the hospital cage for cuddles he is eating and drinking so all seems to be good i also had another surprise but that story will be in babies and mutations. Here is a pic of my baby boy after he got cleaned up. Oh and cornstarch works very well in a pinch for stopping bleeding. I will be putting together a bird first aide kit i have lots of things just in case but i do need a few more things.

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    Re: My little boy gave me a heart attack

    It sounds like you have a really good vet who cared enough to help you out and make sure your baby was OK. It must of been so scary to come home to a bloody bird and I am happy it was his nail and you were able to find it and stop the bleeding. When I had my bird his vet would snip a nail short to get blood from him and they sure do bleed lots when they are cut short and she would seal it up with a styptic pencil and it stopped the bleeding in a instant. If you make up a first aid kit I would add that right into it so you can stop it if he breaks another nail. You cant use them on feathers because I hear it may burn them so for feathers I always heard cornstarch or even flour works good to stop them from bleeding. I am happy your bird is OK and his nail may be sore for a few more days but it least he will be OK.
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    Re: My little boy gave me a heart attack

    Oh god.........i would die of shock if i found my bird like that! XD
    I dont think he will break his nail especially because of what happened!
    i really hope his toe heals back soon!
    On i accidentally cuty my budgies toe nail too far in and he started to bleed i stillo freaked out a lot!!! :o
    but it stop eventually and it took a few weeks or a week to heal!
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