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Thread: How to stop a parrot from going where it shouldn't?

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    How to stop a parrot from going where it shouldn't?

    Martin seems to ALWAYS be hormonal these days, and just now he is obsessed with going under the fire stove in the living room. We've put a fire guard that covers it from the sides but has a little gap at the top, and he spends hours either trying to get in from the side or squeeze from the top.

    Since he's always hormonal these days, this seems to be a constant thing now. How do I discourage him from going to a particular location? Any thoughts?

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    Re: How to stop a parrot from going where it shouldn't?

    Is there anything he is scared of? A certain color, an item, a stuffed animal, etc? If so you could put it nearish (far enough away to avoid a fire hazard though!) and it may discourage him. You can also train him to avoid the area by every time you see him touch it, put him back in his cage for a minute or two. My silly bird was always trying to get behind my computer cause he liked the hot air and he can chop his toes off if he sticks them in a fan, so everytime he tried to get past my block, I would pick him up and say "no" then launch him back to his cage (since he's flighted, like you launch train a bird to come to you on command), or make him step up back on his cage. Now he hardly ever tries to go back there. Consistent doing it every time is key though.

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    and Mark Brand New Egg
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    Re: How to stop a parrot from going where it shouldn't?

    My lovebird hen became obsessed with being on top of the microwave and knocking things about there. I found that shaking a pill container (or something similar) made her leave the area (She knows we don't want her there)

    her old obsession was getting under the dishwasher, so we blocked that off, and she's figured out she can't get in there anymore and has given up trying after many attempts. So i guess what I am saying is be patient

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    Re: How to stop a parrot from going where it shouldn't?

    The only way we could keep boomers mind off of something he was obsessed with was to cover it with a sheet. He then couldnt see it anymore and for some reason it being out of his sight made him forget about it. The old saying, out of sight out of mind really worked well with him.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Re: How to stop a parrot from going where it shouldn't?

    we have the opposite... rather than try to keep him away from somewhere, we work on keeping him somewhere. His favourite rattly toy, or his squeaky duck bring him zooming back FAST.

    And his play stand is HIS area... so lots of the best toys and things are there.

    Thanks Lee for the adorable sig!

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    Re: How to stop a parrot from going where it shouldn't?

    Try to cretre the area where the bird cannot get to it is the surest way to do it. This also works with young dogs, to keep them away from things you do not want them bothering.

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