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Thread: Comping home tomorrow :D

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    Talking Comping home tomorrow :D

    Mine and My Girlfriends Meyers parrot is coming home tomorrow !

    We are so excited! i can already tell that he is going to be a smart! with in the couple of days that we have been able to go see him and play with him we already have him thought to kiss... and petco is awesome and taught him to step up from the time that they get them in as babies.

    I'm wondering what are some good tricks that we should teach him whats a starting trick to teach him! iv herd that if you teach him tough first that he will learn everything else a lot easier.

    i had a green cheek conure that i taught to Kiss, turn around, wave, and shake his head no..

    i know that i will teach him them for sure but what else should i teach him to do

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    Re: Comping home tomorrow :D

    We taught our lovie how to play dead when we shot him with our finger as a toy gun. He would be sitting there and we would hold up our finger and say bang, and silly boomer would roll upside down on our finger. We got the idea from a guy who taught his Cockatoo how to do it.

    Once you get your conure post us some pictures of him so we can see your new baby.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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