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Thread: Stressed female?

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    Stressed female?

    Hello everyone!

    About a year ago my mom found an abandoned male budgie in his cage behind her work. She brought it home. I was not home at this time, I just recently came back from studying abroad. She has knows nothing about taming birds so she decided the male budgie would get lonely so a friend gave her a female one for companionship. It looks like they are both a little over 2 years old. My mom never gave them separate cages, she put the female one in with the male which i've read is a big no no.

    For about 6 months the budgies were out in my kitchen (which is noisy), which gave the budgie no quiet time. So about a month ago when I came back, I saw the budgies and decided to do some research. I've moved the cage to a more quiet room so I can start taming them.

    Here's what I have accomplished within a month.
    - They no longer freak out when I get near.
    - I can get the male budgie (blue) to step-up onto the ladder but I still cannot with the female one (white). Still working on perching on my finger.
    - I can hand feed millets and honey treats to both of them

    I've read that taming two budgies at once is really hard. So I have some thoughts and questions,
    - The male budgie seems really happy. He puffs up, chirps, warbles, sings along with my music, sings before naps, eats everything I give him, naps on 1 foot and occasionally he will tuck his head back. He seem's really healthy, his droppings seem fine. He is an exciting and curious young fella. I can't believe someone would just abandon this budgie!
    - The female one seems a bit stressed ever since I brought the cage into a more quiet area. She's really aggressive and will sometimes chase the male budgie and peck at him. Before the transfer, both birds were really quiet. She barely eat's, barely drink water, barely plays, and barely warbles. She never puffs up, only when she is preening. Although I did catch her puffing up and singing and standing on one leg before her nap. But that only happened once =\. Her dropping is broccoli green and I read that, that it means she is ill?
    - The male budgie feeds her, I see him regurgitate food (ew).
    - Most of the time they get along well, I've seen them mutual preen about 3 times total within this month. They sleep together and often the male budgie will put his face against hers and chirp away. And most of the time she will peck at his face .

    Now I am not sure if I should buy another cage. They have been together for quite awhile now, and I do not want to grab neither one of them because I don't want to lose their trust and what I have achieved so far. I've thought about clipping their wings but I don't want to do that either. So what should I do from here on? Should I see a vet for the female one? She seems healthy, and her vent area seems clean. Also when I hand feed, she will climb onto my hand and starts nibbling my hand and once and awhile she will bite me. I want to tame her and make her be less aggressive. I see the male one wants to play with her but she has a weird behavior.

    Heres a video, all she does is walk back and forth on her perch or any other, bobbing her head back and forth also. She never makes any other sound than that shrill you hear in the video. The male one will often imitate her too and she gets mad? She will chase him and peck him. Another thing I've notice is that when I was training the male to step up on my finger, I've manage to get 1 foot onto it and then she came over and started to peck at his leg and then hop onto my hand and starts nibbling. and she does that every time he manages to get onto my hand. You can see the pacing behavior throughout the video, especially at the end.

    Could it be that she misses my mom since she was the one who changed their food and water?

    Thank's a lot guys! I never imagine myself coming back to a whole lot of responsibility lol.

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    Re: Stressed female?

    Hi! And welcome to the community Well it looks to me like you have two very cute, beautiful, happy and content budgies. As to your question about the white budgie running back and forth on the perch as she is, that is what I call a "flirting" behavior. This is what female budgies do when they wish to mate with another budgie. Birds are alot like people, because they don't "fall in love" with every bird around them (in this case budgies). They are attracted to certain birds, so if the little blue budgie just isn't very excited about mating with the white one, then it won't happen. I think the pacing you speak about is simply her wanting the male to take the next step to mate, and so far he hasn't done that. Now that isn't to say he won't do it. The best thing you can do is to just have some patience and let "nature" take its course. From what you say about their behavior toward each other, it is typical budgie behavior. Budgies are such sweet and hardy birds. They are so much fun to have in your home. I've had budgies in my home for over 50 years (yes, I'm a grandma), and my home would be completely empty without one.

    I don't see anything that would make me think the little white one has health issues. And the light green color of the poop may be something in the seed mix you are feeding or in fresh veggies if you are feeding them. Any budgie that gets all fluffed up, and sits on the perch with its eyes closed, and is very lethargic, and has real runny poops, needs to be checked out. I don't see that problem in either of your budgies at this point in time.

    I think you are doing a marvelous job in the training you are doing with them, especially since they were not trained when they were babies. So just keep right on with what you are doing. And remember that patience and time are on your side. I think that you are well on your way to having a great relationship with them. Keep us posted on your progress, and if possible, post some pics sometime. We LOVE pics of all kinds of birds here. Come back often!!

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    Re: Stressed female?

    Now you see why budgies are known as "throw away birds." I have heard of several people finding live budgies in their cages out for the trash man to take them to the dump.

    Your cage appears to have bar spacing for a large type hookbill. I'm surprised your birds have not tried to squeeze through these openings. I would go with a larger cage with smaller bar spacings. A larger cage would give your birds more space to move apart when the hen asks for it. Hens are always dominant and will be more aggressive. Nature makes them this way because they are the ones to defend the nest.

    Just because you have 2 birds of the opposite sex does NOT mean you need to breed them. As long as you don't encourage the hen to become broody by putting ANY type of enclosed house in her cage. IF you decide you do wish to breed your birds PLEASE read up on the subject first. There are WAY too many books written on this subject to make your birds the first learning curve. If you do not wish to breed and your hen becomes broody you move the cage to a different location of the house to change her comfort level.

    Toys and perches are important to our birds. They stimulate them and keep their feet fit. Have different size perches in the cage. Don't over stuff the cage with toys though. Have enough toys that you can rotate them in/out of the cage every month or so. This keeps them fresh and interesting for our birds. Budgies LOVE bells. Just take care on the type of toys you provide with bells. Jingle bells are extremely dangerous. The edges are razor shop and most openings are just large enough for a budgie to get it's leg caught. Choose dome type bells with solid clappers. Ladle clappers are bad in that they eventually collect junk in the bowl the clapper and could get your bird(s) sick.

    I would caution given budgies cotton rope toys. Budgies tend to pick at the threads and can get them lose. Long threads are often times knotted into loops. It's not fun to come home to a bird that has hung it's self in it's own noose.

    Be sure to provide fresh foods for your birds. A seed diet only is NOT healthy. It takes time to convert seed junkies over to a healthy diet. You can start by hang fresh greens from the top of the cage. Kale or mustard greens are good for our birds and don't cost a lot. Rinse them off well in the sink and leave them drippy wet. Budgies in the wild roll on the wet grass to bath. By hanging wet greens the birds can bath, have a toy AND nibble on nutritious food.

    Once your birds get the hang of this start providing (raw) grated carrots, grated beets, grated sweet potatoes. Just don't give the green potato eyes to your birds.

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    Re: Stressed female?

    is my cage too small for both of them?

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