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Thread: 2 yr old Teil laying eggs...

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    2 yr old Teil laying eggs...

    Any info or advice will help!! I have a 2 yr old Cockatiel named Cheezy..She is such a joy to our family.She was given to me about 8 months ago and has never laid an egg till she came into our home! In 8 mos.she has laid 17 eggs,the last one was just yesterday and the one before was almost 2 weeks ago..Before i was taking the eggs out of her cage as they were laid but the vet said to try keeping them in there to see what would happen,So i did the first one and now i have another that makes the 2 now..I am so worried about her,when i told the vet how many eggs she laid they couldnt believe it,At first she was laying them in cage,now she lays them on me,YES on me..She was egg bound about 3 months ago and rushed to a vet ,$500 later and lots of meds I Now have to give her Calcium drops,I keep her cage covered more and have changed her diet around alittle.Anything else u can tell me that might help her from laying these eggs.Im so scared this is going to hurt her!! Thanks for any info..

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    Re: 2 yr old Teil laying eggs...

    The news is not good!
    She loves you.
    I have detailed my experience with my Tiels over an 18month period on another forum.
    Yes! I do believe you re laying eggs while on you, it sucks.
    I cannot give you to much more than you have already figured out or read. never take the eggs away until you are very sure she has abandoned them. If you worry about them getting broken you can boil. But I prefer the dummy ones.
    Crush Cuttle Bone and or egg shells over food and remember UV so she metabolize intake. Step up fresh dark greens.
    Lupron does slow them up for a few months, most times. I say this as Tink laid 3x eggs while still on Lupron. Implants? Not happy about doing this.
    Unbalancing their comfort zone should slow her up. If that fails give in and give her a nest and flood her with dummy eggs. I had Cindy sitting on 13 dummy eggs before she gave up.
    Roxy passed away on the operating table after a prolapse, and Tink has come so close to passing away twice, I am paranoid about what this season will bring.
    R.I.P my little ones.

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