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    Question Building Playstands for a Meyer's Parrot

    Anyone know where I can find specs on homemade playstands? I see awesome pictures but really need instructions and material lists, etc. Any good sites or references? The stand will be for our Meyer's Parrot who is quite the busy body and wants to be in the highest place possible, of course. We are looking to build something big that will keep her busy and we are not opposed to hanging things from the ceiling. Any help would be appreciated!!!

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    Re: Building Playstands for a Meyer's Parrot

    My album has pics of the gym I made for Pepe, my cockatiel. It's a little overwhelming for Pepe, but he seems very happy with it. I started with the square at the bottom and worked my way up building level after level. I wanted him to be able to climb from one perch to another, but added two ladders to make it easier for climbing down. The PVC cutter was a must have tool and I used wooden dowels for the perches and wrapped the pipe in athletic tape for better gripping. It's fun so jump in and do it.

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