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Thread: Canary Moulting at Wrong Time of Year! How to fix?

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    Lightbulb Canary Moulting at Wrong Time of Year! How to fix?

    Hi this is a bit of a long one sorry. I will start from the beginning.

    I've kept single, male canaries for many years now, I bought a male roller two years ago in June after losing my dear Gloster but this year and last he started moulting way too early, at around May.
    Normally this wouldn't matter so much but over the last year or so he has been screaming for a mate, so I bought a female red factor on Saturday but she is right in the middle of a moult!

    So now I have one bird who is desperate to breed and one who is uninterested! I really want to re-sync my male's body clock so that he moults at the correct time of year.

    I understand that I will need to manage their lighting, but what I am worried about is how long it'll take to fix this? Since he's already moulted, I can't make him think it is moulting time again.. so what time of year am I supposed to make him think it is?
    Regarding lighting times, am I supposed to follow the exact time that the sun sets and rises or do is there some special time I am meant to be following for canaries?

    He screeches all year round, it's like he thinks it is breeding season all year round, probably due to the amount of light he gets in our living room.

    Help please, I'm really confused about this difficult bird! Thanks!
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    Re: Canary Moulting at Wrong Time of Year! How to fix?

    If she is young, from this year she probably is just molting. Young should never be sold before they molt but people do it all the time, I won’t judge just saying bad idea. I would suggest to house them separately, I know, two cages and everything but, she will complete when she does and he will just be a little horny fella for a while. I say to do this because it will allow them both to acclimate themselves separately or at their own rate. You’re on the right track in letting them settle into your own lighting schedule. I prefer to let birds follow nature as much as possible. Let the light they get be the natural cycle you, I and everything around gets. This will always be constant and true, plus again natural. If they are in places in the house you have lighting so you can see, cover them when the sun goes down and again uncover when the sun comes up. They will get used to it and fall into a pattern. Her new surroundings is either causing her molt or she is young as stated before and it is her normal baby molt. If what you say is true he will be right behind her and by October they will be on the same time frame. At that point they will follow normal season changes, rest, prebreeding, breeding, molt, and rest again. As they move thru all of these phases, they do have different needs but that can be addressed each season, meaning lighting if you want to but mostly food. Lighting does dramatic things to birds, triggers breeding, molting, migration and many others. Thus if you can keep everything like nature they always do better. The days get longer and shorter as the year goes, this increases the duration of light as well as trigger temperature changes which in turn trigger moisture/rain which all cause the world around us to grow everything or stop growing things. All of these events trigger things inherent in their genetics and physiology. Even barometric pressures, for low pressure systems, or high pressure systems, trigger reactions in them. We don’t really notice but they are finely tunes to it. House them separately, let them acclimate to each other and complete her molt. In a few months you should be there. I would say, here you are dealing with one problem, her, not trying to tackle two, him and her.

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    Re: Canary Moulting at Wrong Time of Year! How to fix?

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