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Thread: Conure 'beakiness'

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    Conure 'beakiness'

    I am considering getting a conure but have heard they are quite 'beaky'. I knew a few young green cheeks and they were just non-stop with their beak, climbing on everything and biting/holding everything(including each other), doing flips but if you stuck your hand in there they would do it to you (grabbing hold of skin, hanging off you with beak!). Although they weren't being aggressive, just playing, it still hurt and I was just wondering if this was just a faze and they grow out of it or if they don't and you have to teach them to stop, If so how hard it is to teach or was it just these particular birds?
    I also knew a young sun conure and it was beaky but VERY gentle and tickled if anything, it was a sweetie. The crimson bellied conure also was not at all beaky, just wanted cuddles but it was just being weaned so a lot younger would it have gone through a 'beaky' phase being the same Family(Pyrrhura) as green cheek?
    Are the Pyrrhura conures just a more beaky family than aratinga?

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    Re: Conure 'beakiness'

    I have a pineapple green cheek and he is very "beaky". He's still young but he isn't doing it to be aggressive or mean, it's just his way of showing his excitement or playfulness. It isn't usually a hard bite but can be a bit disconcerting when I'm being gentle with him. I would say yes, they are beaky birds but I wouldn't let that deter you from the joys of a conure. It can be deterred with the proper motivation and is a small price to pay for having one of these cuties. When my guy bites or is too rough I gently remove his beak and have gotten into a habit of rubbing his beak, which he loves. He doesn't bite as much now, and instead he often rubs his beak against my face, up and down and purrs while doing so. Very cute.

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