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Thread: Budgies in same room but different cages?

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    Budgies in same room but different cages?

    I have two untame budgies that I'm slowing working to tame. They will eat millet from my hand but that's about it. I really enjoy watching them play together but I'd also really want to have a bird that I can bond with more. I'm growing kind of impatient with taming them and am considering buying a handfed baby budgie to work with.

    If I kept this new budgie in a separate cage, but in the same room as the other two, would it bond with me? I could put it in my bedroom, but I'm never in there during the day and I don't think that's fair to the bird. Has anyone dealt with a similar situation or have any tips for having both tame and untame birds? Thanks!

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    Re: Budgies in same room but different cages?

    Even though the new budgie would be in a separate cage, and in another room, the two older ones will still be aware that the baby bird is in another room and visa versa. Birds have a natural instinct to flock call each other, even though they may not be in the same room. I do think you can still tame the two older ones, and the new one if you get one. From what I've read, it is a good idea to train them one at a time, and in a room with the door closed, such as the bathroom (shut the stool lid), or a room that is small like the bathroom. Also, you can go on "youtube", and find information. Search "Training Budgies", and I'll bet you will find lots of info about doing so. I see no reason why you can't have the third one. Just don't introduce it in the same cage as the other two, because if it is a female, and they are male, that will not work well. And also, when you first get a new bird, it is a good idea to quarantine them from the others for about 30 days, by placing them a distance from the ones you have in case the new one might have disease that you are not aware of. Then you could place the cages closer together. And you also can go on-line and get a DNA sex kit for budgies, and find out if you have males or females.

    I'm wishing you good luck. Sometime when you get a chance post some pics of your little budgies. We LOVE pics here.

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    Re: Budgies in same room but different cages?

    I'm wondering the same thing. They don't hand raise babies here in Mexico so any bird I get will be older and aviary raised. I finally saw Pepe's band and I believe he is 2 yrs. and 5 mo. old. The taming is going well and we are friends, but I can't say that we are bonding. It's true that it might come in the future and I may just be impatient. I really feel that Pepe would like a friend of his own kind so this weekend I will look for another male. I plan to keep them in separate cages in the hopes that they remain independent and so I can train with them separately. I use the target touch training method, but no clicker, only my voice giving lots of praise and millet for reward. In the afternoon when we come in from the garden I will open their cages and they can play together on the gym after their lessons. Wish me luck.

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