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Thread: Advice For My New Budgie

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    Advice For My New Budgie

    Hey everyone,
    I just bought a new budgie two days ago. (I now have two though they are in separate cages) My newest budgie is acting really strange, nothing like my other budgie. It keeps yanking on the cage to get out and while I was out today it somehow emptied its food dish... ALL over my desk and laptop and any other flat surface in my room! What do I do???? How do I fix this behavior?

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    Re: Advice For My New Budgie

    Hi and welcome to the community! I've homed budgies for many years, and I don't think you have to worry about this behavior. Being new to your home, more than likely the little guy is just scared of its new environment. More than likely he came from a breeder where there were many budgies around him. And he probably wasn't in a cage by himself. (I'm saying he, it could be a she). I would say to give the little baby some time to adjust to your home and to you. Don't rush it. Just have patience. To make him feel more at home, don't put your entire hand in the cage just yet. Hands scare ALL birds, especially when they first come to our homes. Gently talk to him/her, perhaps pulling up a chair a distance from the cage and speaking in a quiet voice. And play music for your budgies. Budgies love music, any kind will do. And further, it most likely will take a few days for him/her to eat and drink. In order for the budgie to get water, you could buy some millet sprigs and place one in the cage, or break off some pieces and put it in a food cup, or scatter a few on the floor. Millet has moisture in it, so it is a good substitute for water when they are not drinking. He/she also will get around to eating the seed. Sometimes they eat in the nighttime, or when you are out of the room or away. They are abit shy about eating when you first get them. And finally, all budgies have their very own personality just like we do. Some are very quiet, others are more active. It just might be that your new one will end up being a very active little guy. When he gets used to you and your home, I'm sure you will see a big difference in his behavior. Budgies are very hardy and sweet little birds. I'm sure you feel that way about the first one you brought home.
    In the meantime, when the baby gets more used to you, how about posting some pics. We LOVE pics here. I hope my information has been helpful to you. Hope to see you around the forums.
    [/COLOR] I'm owned by my two sweet budgies, Muffin and Marlee.

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