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Thread: Extremely well behaved and loving crimson bellied conure - exception or common?

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    Extremely well behaved and loving crimson bellied conure - exception or common?

    Hi everyone!
    I'm new here and I cannot wait to start reading and posting.
    My first post might sound a bit strange but here it comes
    I am the proud owner of a crimson bellied conure. I got her this winter, end of January. She was brought from another country (where I live everything is really expensive, including birdies so pet shop owners prefer buying them from abroad). Long story short - it was love at first sight - I got a phone call : I have a strange bird, are you interested? I went to see her, approached the cage and surprise : she came right to me and wanted a good scratch. And it's been like that ever since.
    Until not long ago I though that conures are strange birdies, but the idea that mine might be the exception came to my mind just a few days ago.
    Now I'll explain why I think my little conure is a bit strange:
    - she never poops on my sholder - almost never; when she did it was my fault - she tried telling me in many ways but I failed to get it;
    - she isn't much a a screamer as opposed to my other parrots;
    - she needs to take care of someone, either me or my cockateil or guests; all the time she is awake she either eats or does someone's hair or kisses them; if she isn't doing any of these things then it means she is closeley watching over us;
    - she loves being petted; she likes it either way as long as someone wants to scratch her head, wings etc.
    - she always waits for me where I leave her unless she gets scared by someone/ something (and her wings are not clipped now)
    - she FEARS any object in the house - this is quite a problem; unless it is human she is afraid of it - I was shocked to figure this out;
    - she is afraid of the dark and begs me to leave the light on every evening, but I can't cause the other parrots don't really like it;
    - she sleeps in a very wierd position, but only during the night - probably because of her fear of the dark - she hangs on a wall of her cage;
    -she has a very dog-like behaviour all together; she would sit quietly next to me while i watch movies or surf for long periouds of time; she goes to her cage or any wooden perch, poops and returns; I have to be very careful not to forget she is there;
    - she never leaves her room unless I take her out;
    And much more but I think these are the most shocking.

    truth be told - I don't know anything about her previous life I don't know her age, her gender (but I'm guessing it's a she), her previous life style, her training aso. All I know is she came from Slovakia, she was mature when i got her (fully red belly) and she smelled of old frying pan oil. (poor thing was obsessed with baths at the beginning)

    So is this common conure behaviour, or common crimson bellied conure behaviour? Or is my birdie really special?
    If it is and if people new I think everyone would have a conure

    On the normal bird side:
    - she does scream when she hears me come in (door keys, door screeching, phone alarm)
    - she eats like a (small and cute) pig

    Thanks for reading!
    Looking forward to hearing your opinions!

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    Re: Extremely well behaved and loving crimson bellied conure - exception or common?

    I think your conure sounds like a loving good bird who all of us would love to have. Some birds actually are trained to not go poop on there owners and it sounds like to me her previous owner must of taken great care of your bird because she sure seems to be a charming loving one. Maybe she is afraid of the dark because she was left in a kitchen with a light on all the time since she did smell like a frying pan when you first got her. Perhaps if you left just a small night light on near her cage your other birds might not mind it as much as a big light. I never have been around conures too much to know if the other behaviours are normal or not but I think she sounds like a bird lovers dream bird.

    Welcome to the site and we would love to see some pictures of your birds, we all love our pictures and your new bird sounds like a beauty.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Re: Extremely well behaved and loving crimson bellied conure - exception or common?

    Silva I also have a Crimson belllied conure. He was a rescue and it about 5 months old. I won't tell his story because his previous owner might be a member on here. But he was kept in a cage with 6 other parrots. On the way home to my house from the previous owners house he did not want to stay in his bird box and kept trying to get out. So I let him out and he proceeded to crawl up on my chest and tuck his head under my chin and fall asleep for the entire 1 hour trip home. He was sexed so his previous owner said but it doesn't matter to me what he is, he is just so darn sweet and lovable. He also loves to cuddle, hug, and give me constant kisses. He is a very quiet little bird and I hardly ever know he is around. He loves being out of his cage and sitting on my shoulder and being with me where ever I go. He was only given seed but he sure likes all the fruits and veggies and nuts that I give him. And like you little girl he also eats like a little pig. I have fallen in love with him and I am so glad I rescued him. Good luck with your little sweetie. You came to the right place there are lots of people here with lots of knowledge who will be a big help to you.

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