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Thread: Hello fellow bird lovers

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    Red face Hello fellow bird lovers

    Howdy y'all,

    My name is Shannon. I have 3 birds, 2 tiels and a parakeet. They are amazing creatures and smart. I love my bird friends. They are part of my family so I don't have 2 children I have 5. Two of the human kind and 3 of the feathered kind. I decided to join the forum when I got my newest cockatiel. Crash is a Lutina Female (we know this because she lays eggs), we have the newest member of the family Eclipse (we have no idea what Eclipse is yet but we think it's a boy) and then we have Paulie our very noisy little parakeet.

    I have had Crash for about 5 years and I know the person whom I got her from had her for at least 3 years before that. I have no idea what her exact age really is. I do know she is constantly laying eggs. She lays at least 6 at any given time at one time there were 12 eggs in her nesting box. I guess I would be as moody as she was if I was laying that many eggs at a time too. That has got to be exhausting. She is moody and doesn't like many people or should I say WAS moody and didn't like many people. Since we got Eclipse, Crash loves everyone. She has been bonded with my husband for 5 years. She hated me with a passion I think. She would hiss at me, when she was out of her cage she would fly over to me just to bite me. I was quite hurt by her total rejection. I am the one that buys her treats and toys and she still disliked me. I wasn't sure what to do really so I avoided her. Now She flies over and sits on my shoulder and kisses not bites. I'm amazed at what bringing home another bird could do. If I knew this was going to be the affect I would of gotten another tiel years ago.

    I got Eclipse recently. I saw him in the pet store and fell in love with him at first sight, I had to bring him home with me. Well long story short the store manager wasn't exactly brilliant and Eclipse escaped and flew around the store for around 3 weeks. They finally caught him, kept him for another 2 weeks, had him vet checked and I was able to bring him home last week. When the manager of this pet store sold him to me he gave Eclipse to me for cheaper than advertised price due to his "nasty personality". The manager informed me he would not sell this bird to a first time cockatiel owner and he thought I would be the perfect person for the job. He then informed me that if I didn't buy him he was sending him back to the people they got their cockatiels from and he'd be put to sleep because he was so mean and nasty. I then informed the manager that I was not allowing that too happen... whipped out my debit card and Eclipse is now part of our family. He seems to be adjusting quite well, he is still a bit "people shy" and hisses but I am working with him. He hasn't had the best experience with humans so we are taking it nice and slow.

    And then there is Paulie, the very noisy, very mouthy lil parakeet. He is gorgeous shades of blue and sweet. He has decided his favorite thing to imitate is a cricket, he also imitates the churps and sounds the tiles make as well but it seems he has a lil bird complex because he has to be louder than any of the other birds lol. Paulie I'm afraid is a big bird in a little bird body.

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    Re: Hello fellow bird lovers

    Hi! Shannon, and welcome to the community!! Thanks for sharing all about your flock!! I also have a little hen tiel, Ollie, who is a chronic egg layer. I don't have a male tiel. I do have a little male budgie, Muffin, who also is a "big bird in a little bird body"!! He also likes to make the sounds of my tiel, Ollie, and it is so funny to hear him with his little voice flock calling away, while Ollie is using her "big girl voice", doing the same!! Hope to see you around the forums!

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