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Thread: new to canaries

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    new to canaries

    Hi all, I now own 7 canaries hubby went mad and got them all, the bad side is we know nothing about them,not even what type they are, they are old enought to breed one pair has had breed before, the male looks like a gloster and the girl a bronze something? Will try to add photos.I tried copy and pasteing but it did't work.
    I am confused about all this buff ,soft feather ect stuff,so need a hand with it , tried reading on the net but it didn't make any sense to me.
    Cheers Lorrilee

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    Re: new to canaries

    Lorri, There is another website, sorry Tailfeathers, that is dedicated to just canaries called CanaryNest.net , There are a few gentlemen on that site, well a lot of your fellow countrymen and women. I say this because a couple are very top breeders and great people. Neville is one and Red is another. They both are members of canary clubs and both are large breeders with years of knowledge under their belts. Go to that site and look them up, I would introduce yourself as new and ask speifically. I even bet they will hook you up with a person or people very close to where you live and even a local club. Then you will have many people at your disposal to answer all the questions your heart desires. You mention a few things in your quick blurb that id defenitly disturbing, meaning, you need information now to protect your birds. Specific mixes or birds you have named arbitrarily mating with another can be bad. Quick point: Hard and soft (sometimes refered to as buff) are aspects one needs to know. You always breed a hard to a soft, never to hards to each other or two softs to each other, these are not always bad but some can be fatal. Hard is another word for intensive, as in an intensive red or intensive yeloow birds, the hard comes from a practical feel of the feather and the feathers make up. Soft in this analogy would be say a Red Frosted bird. You never breed say two intensive reds together you would breed an intensive red to a frosted red thus hard to soft. Two soft cause feather cysts and other problems, two intensives/ hard introduced the leathal factor, meaning most young or at least 50% will die. These are gross over statements but facts. Check out that site and look up some friendly countrymen of yours.

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