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Thread: Breeding Birds

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    Breeding Birds

    Breeding Birds
    Recently a lot of talk has been going around on many sites with questions being asked about how to breed birds, or more specifically what do I do? Now I will begin with saying, no one can or should tell anyone what they can or cannot do in regard to breeding or not, “BUT”, I will say what you should do or should think about before you do, if your choice is to breed. First, please do not if your reason is, “I just want to see what happens”, or “It sounds fun”. These are not good reasons, no matter what you think, you are not breeding, the birds are. Second, since birds are not human, and they will do what nature calls for them to do, without thought or restraint, we must be the moderator. Third, no one should ever allow creatures under your protection breed if you do not know what you must do if something goes wrong. This is dangerous and mindless. Anyone and everyone wanting to allow their birds to breed must learn as much as possible before ever entering into the process. Read as much as you can, ask as many questions as you can, exhaust every avenue to empowering you and your birds to do it safely. When a bird gets egg bound because you did not know what they needed to be prepared physically, you just killed your bird, potentially. There are too many of these aspects that all can and most times end in death, simply because of your own lack of knowledge. You would not allow anyone to be a life guard just because they are good swimmers; you would only allow a person who knew what to do after they pulled the person to safety. Lastly, aspects very few think about when bird fever strikes, defined not as a viral infection but what I have seen many times when people just simply lose mental control and want more birds. Please stop and think about these aspects. One pair can very quickly become 10 or 15 in 4 or 5 months. If you have more than one pair do the math. You will very quickly become overwhelmed. Cage space, food costs, time and effort it takes to care for the new numbers. These creatures require clean environments and clean food and water, “EVERY DAY”. Do you have the money, space and time to deal with it, every day? It will require you 30min – 2 hours every day to deal with them. If you become ill or need to leave or whatever, who will do this for you/them, “EVERY DAY”.
    I’ll get off my horse now but please be responsible, educate yourself in every way and think about all of the aspects I named above. Last statement, you will never, I repeat never make money at breeding birds. If that is your thought process, take my word for it, you will always lose money, if there is any thought in your mind about financial gain, remember again, that thought is all about you not the birds. I am again not a person who will ever tell anyone what they can and cannot do, but I will reserve the right to stand in front of anyone and call them an idiot for not exercising what we humans have over every other species on this planet; the mental ability to exercise educated thought and restraint.

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    Re: Breeding Birds

    A very well written post, Rudi! I hope anyone who is interested in breeding will carefully read your thoughts. Your words are absolutely correct! Thank you so much for sharing this information with us.

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    Re: Breeding Birds

    Rudi.. I give you a big KUDO'S on your post. I agree with you 100%. Very well written and thought out.
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