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Thread: New bird momma

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    New bird momma

    Hi from Merced, CA! My 3 year old son and I just got a very sweet handfed cockatiel. I am new to birds, and haven't had a pet in 10 years, so this should be fun. Danger seems to love to be on my shoulder and likes to nibble my earrings. In fact he is sleeping on my shoulder right now.

    I expect to be asking some beginner questions and hope to learn a lot from this forum. My only concern at the moment is the lack of a board certified avian veterinarian in a 1.5hr radius from Merced. If anyone knows of a good avian vet in Northern California, I would love a recommendation.

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    Re: New bird momma

    Hi Regina, Welcome to the site! Merced is sort of out in the middle of nowhere so no wonder there are no avian vets around your area. My best suggestion is to ask the breeder and also some of the regular vets in your area for a suggestion on finding a vet for your bird. I took my bird to a avian vet who had a office that had 4 other vets who were not certified avian vets but knew birds almost as good as the one specialist did. I heard good things about many vets that know birds very well but didnt have the avian vet certification. If you search here, http://www.aav.org/search/ maybe you can find a avian vet that is somewhat close to you. I use to have to drive a hour to get to my vet here but you may need to drive further then that.
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    Re: New bird momma

    Welcome to the loverly world of birds This should be classed as a drug once u have a bird you will love it for ever any help or advice u need there are alot of us here cockatils are a good first bird thay are loving once taim and verry swet i wake up in the morning and my one kisses me

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