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Thread: New baby parakeet help?

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    Question New baby parakeet help?

    I just adopted a 6-7 week old albino budgie today I don't have much experience with young budgies (I adopted my other birds when they were older) and I just had a couple of questions if anyone would be awesome enough to answer them(:

    1) How should I go about training him/her? I bought her from a breeder (I feel slightly embarassed saying this as I'm usually an all-adoption person, but I figured if I wanted this 'keet to be my best friend I better get him/her young) and she is (was?) hand tame. He had pictures of him/her and the other chicks all perched on his hand so I know he wasn't making it up. All my other parakeets were/are never really tame, they don't freak out if I go near them but the flutter away if I get too close. Any helpful hints?

    2) Does s/he need any special diet? I know s/he is old enough to be away from her parents and all, but do I need anything more than her/his current fruit/veggie/seed diet?

    3) How long will it take him/her to imprint on me? I'm a student (I go back to school on Wed.) so I'm planning to do all my homework etc in my room with her/him for at least 2 weeks so s/he will get used to me as she settles into her new home.

    4) One of the parakeets I adopted was hand tame before she came to me, but I could never get around to taming her myself. I was thinking maybe it was because I adopted her after she had imprinted/bonded with any person. Would the same happen to my new baby and if so how can I avoid it?

    5) Any other tips or warnings?(:

    Thanks, your help is really appreciated!!!
    ℕ∀ⅤѦ ツ

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    Re: New baby parakeet help?

    I am not up on Budgies.
    But if you search there is a good amount of How To's around.
    And you should be able to tame this and your other bird. It does take effort and time, but in most cases with the right approach it can be done. You are the control and what you do will reflect on your results.
    Food wise I would be making sure it is getting the same food that the breeder was feeding to start with, then you can slowly change to what ever you feel is right or even better.
    You can not go past good fresh seeds and veges, fruit if they will eat that.

    Good luck.
    R.I.P my little ones.

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    Re: New baby parakeet help?

    Congrats on your new friend!
    Younger budgies are generally more obliged to obey their owners and learn new things as well as adapt to new things. So training should be simpler as opposed to training an older bird. After she's gotten used to her new home, get her used to you, rather than your hand, seeing as she's already hand-tame. Talk softly as you approach her, with some calming, peaceful music playing in the background. If she flutters away, wait a moment, still talking, then approach her again slowly, this time keeping at the distance where she feels comfortable. Gradually shuffle in closer, and she will learn to be in close proximity to you. Don't tower over her, and ensure she is at your level. As she grows accustomed to you touching her, being close to her etc, try giving her a little head-scratch. Some budgies, my boy Azuri for example, will often enjoy one, whereas others will hate it. Make sure your presence is always a positive experience. For example, try giving some millet on your hand.
    Given time, she will come around to being used to you, and will learn to accept you.
    Seeing as she is now able to eat herself, your normal diet should be suitable. However, you could try starting with the breeder's diet plan at first, then gradually alter it according to what you provide. This stops the sudden change in diet overwhelming her. Remember lots leafy greens (dandelion greens, coriander, carrot greens, parsley, romaine lettuce etc.) and other healthy but safe veggies as well as a small quantity of fruit. Provide lots of supervised or safe flight time, and monitor her behaviour/physical appearance/ droppings to ensure she's in good condition. This is a great indication as to whether her diet is OK for her. You might want to even try Harrison's Pellets, which is recommended by many avian vets. Consult your vet first, though.
    2 weeks is usually sufficient for a young budgie to grow used to her new owner and environment. However, 'imprinting' will occur over a much longer period of time. Months, even years. But if you provide your birdie buddy with good food, water, shelter, toys and LOTS OF LOVE, she will learn to love you, and accept you as part of her 'flock'. I go to high school, and Azuri spends many hours per weekday without me, but we are still extremely close. But I'm not sure how long you'll be gone. Spending even a couple of hours a day will ensure she learns to love you. But don't worry, even if you are gone long, she'll remember you and it will not really hurt your relationship. Just make sure you find time to be with her frequently, and she will love you as her family.
    Your new keet probably didn't really bond with the breeder, but she most likely did with other budgies. Parrots are extremely intelligent, and she will most likely understand that she's is not going to be with her old buddies any more, and so will learn to be more friendly to you, and therefore more trainable. Just keep trying, never give up, and don't give her a reason to dislike you. Budgies naturally tend to try to make friends with people who they like, so if you ensure that shelearns to love you, the rest will happen automatically. But then, some budgies will just be plain stubborn, no matter what they think of their owner. That's just their personality, and you can't avoid it.
    Btw, remember that she might be a female, who are often less likely to obey, and are more aggressive. Nevertheless, she will make an amazing addition to your flock.
    Have a great time with your new buddy, I'm sure she'll really light up your life!

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