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Thread: Is my baby in trouble?

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    Is my baby in trouble?

    I bought a young cockatiel about a week ago, he's now around 8 weeks named Kuzco. I'm a little worried, today after feeding him his formula I went to clean his chest off. When his feathers were wet I could see beneath them that his crop was bare and a golden yellow color, with little pink veins showing though the skin (not jutting out or anything just able to see them). I've never really noticed this before but it could have already looked like that, I'm not sure. Is this normal or should I be worried??

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    Re: Is my baby in trouble?

    Not that I am expert in hand feeding babies, which I honestly have never even seen one personally hand fed but on the pictures I see of my friends lovebirds there crops are big and the veins show on there crops too. I think maybe it is because when they are full of food they balloon out and stretch everything out to make them look this way. I am not positive if this is what is going on with your tiels but the lovebirds crops sure look strange to me. I have seen the lovies chests a yellow color as well but they were yellow lovies but to me it looked more like the crops were yellow because of the food inside of them. Have you ever been able to see Kuzco's crop after you fed him? I am really hoping what you seen is normal and hopefully others here who have more experience can tell you if this is truly normal or not.
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    Re: Is my baby in trouble?

    I am going to say it is normal. As long as the crop is full after you feed and empty before you feed the next time all should be good.
    Just it's feathers are small and wet lets you see his skin.
    Warm water to wash formula off before it dries otherwise it clogs the feathers up.
    Are you keeping track of it's weight? This is a great way to track what is going on , along with what comes out the back end.

    When I have washed young in the past I have even seen seeds in the crop through the skin.

    Susanne Russo's site shows how they grow.

    These guys were younger but show normal crops Full.
    R.I.P my little ones.

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    Re: Is my baby in trouble?

    Yes, I also agree with Deanna and Clive! I grew up on a farm, and I remember my Mom having baby chicks that would have crops that looked similar, so I don't think there is any cause for alarm. Is he gaining weight? And does he continue to eat the formula? And his seeds? If so, he is doing fine in my opinion.

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