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Thread: how to tame my cockatiel

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    Question how to tame my cockatiel

    hi, my cockatiel,tweety, he is not tame i have been talking to him and giving him little treats by so what else can i do to help tame him from ciara

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    Re: how to tame my cockatiel

    How old is he, and how long have you had him?

    If he is still very new to your home, then what you are doing sounds good to me. My cockatiel was both young and hand raised when he came into our home, but took quite some time to get used to his new surroundings as well as to me and my partner. If your bird is not tamed at all yet, then it could take a while before he is ready to take the next steps, and it's best not to try and rush him. With birds, patience is key. Cockatiels are social creatures though. Given time, if you give him his space, and keep him healthy and stimulated in his cage, then he will come to want more interaction with you.

    I do think it's important to try and ensure that your cockatiel has access to perches that are at your shoulder-height or higher. If his eye level is below yours before he has bonded with you, it will be a cause of stress for him, and could slow the taming process.

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    Re: how to tame my cockatiel

    Thank you Paralipsis.
    Your advice is sound.

    I agree it sounds like you are doing all right.
    Patience and love will win the day for you. Just remember to not push and him set the pace.
    R.I.P my little ones.

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    Re: how to tame my cockatiel

    I agree with the previous two commenters.
    Your current approach sounds pretty good, and if you have not had him for long I'm sure he'll become more tame with time and patience.
    It's really important that you do not stress out or force your cockatiel to do anything though, because if he becomes angry with you or gets scared it can ruin the bond which takes a long time to build up. So continue talking to him nicely and spending lots of time with him.
    Does he eat the treats you give him? If so, you can try offering them from your hand if you aren't doing that already so it will help make him more comfortable with your presence.
    Also, does he try to lunge or bite you? If he's just very reclusive and doesn't want to step up or anything, that's different from if he is actively trying to hurt you. In that case there's other things you can do to increase his comfort zone and convince him you're nice and not an enemy. But yeah, most importantly is to be patient and go slow.

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