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Thread: Young albino budgie's feather tips turning grey?

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    Question Young albino budgie's feather tips turning grey?

    Trouble is probably around 2 months old from the age his breeder gave me when I purchased him (he didn't have an exact hatch date unfortunatly). Recently, I've noticed that the tips of his tail feathers and the tips of his longer flight feathers are becoming light grey. Is this normal or what? I thought it might be because there isn't enough fruits/veggies in his diet- I've been giving him a good amount but it's hard to get him to try them.

    Please and thanks!

    ℕ∀ⅤѦ ツ

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    Re: Young albino budgie's feather tips turning grey?

    I have an albino and a couple clear flights and their wing tips and tails start turning a grey when they start getting dirty. I usually will give my birds a bath twice a week and then their wing tips and tails stopped turning grey. Sometimes if the grey doesn't come off, they are usually getting ready to go into a molt and will lose those dirty looking feathers. My albino after his first molt got some very light brown stripes on his back. If you look at him under the bird lights, he reflects a blue and you can see his light brown stripes. With no lights other than the light form the window, he just looks completely white.

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