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Thread: Which breed?!

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    Which breed?!

    Hello, I am planning on getting a female cockatiel this summer from licensed registered bird breeders. I was so possative that I wanted a cockatiel, and did a boat load of research on them and their care. Recently i've been thinking about 'the long run' of having a pet bird, how they're just like kids and you need to commit to them. I'm perfectly fine with that, it's just that i've been hearing alot about cockatiels and how they're not as smart as many other birds breeds.
    So.. here's what i'm looking for and I hope you can give me some suggestions.
    I am still in highschool and am living at home, so it would be very appreciated if the bird was pretty patiant (as I wont be home all of the time) and it would also be fantastic if it was quite (for the most part) because my family is pretty nervous about that. I would like to have a bird that I can come home and start cuddle/ play time (after training, of course. I was seriously thinking about the green cheeck conure because it seemed to be everything I wanted: playful, cute, affectionate, smart, and personality. The only thing I wasn't sure about with the is the noise level and the fact that I will still be in school all week days from 8:00 to 3:50 but any free time I get, my buddy will come first, so I want to know if this is a problem? I have had budgies before but they weren't loving at all, they couldn't stand me. But that was years ago and was younger (not very smart)
    Basically, I just really want a buddy that will love me as much as I love him/her, and I KNOW it takes time, ALOT of time to create that bond, but I know I can handle it.

    Please help!!

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    Re: Which breed?!

    Cockatiels while they're not as intelligent as other species, are loving birds that have a much quieter "call" than GCC's. they're mellow and easily tamed, while GCC can be quite nippy and hyper. They're both wonderful but a cockatiel sounds right for you... but what will you do when you go to college?

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    Re: Which breed?!

    I actually think that cockatiels are great. I'm in a really similar situation to you (can't be home a lot because of school) and my cockatiel is very patient and loving and social. The one drawback is that oftentimes cockatiels aren't as playful as other birds and they may prefer to sit on your shoulder or next to you rather than playing with toys and stuff all the time. They're also not as loud as conures, although they can still be somewhat loud when flock calling (but they can be trained to be quiet).

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