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Thread: Baby making time!

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    Baby making time!

    I think that our Jenday conure and Nanday conure are mating.. They both are about a year old .. Can they mate at that age

    I need as much Info as possible on baby parrots (I know how to hand feed becuase I hand fed one of my conures)

    Info I need
    1. How many eggs do they lay
    2. Where do I get an incubator
    3. Do I eevwn need and incubator
    4. How long does it take eggs to hatch
    5. How long till eggs are laid

    What else do I need to know

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    Re: Baby making time!

    Good questions!
    I do not know most of the answers.
    But do you need an incubator? Are you going to take them from the nest and hand raise them?
    If not you should not need an incubator for them.
    If your parents are hand tame it maybe possible to interact with the babies while letting the parents look after them, this way you can have very social babies without having to feed them.
    I say this as I did this with these two pictured below. And they were super young birds and their new caretakers were very happy how tame they were.

    I handled them from day one onwards, most days and sometimes a few times a day.
    It was a great reward to have Max & Cindy looking after them while they were perched on my shoulders like that.
    Both parents would give me a bit of grief if they were in the nest when I tried to take the young out. But as soon as I had them out they were fine with it. So I used to towel Cindy and then get the babies out.

    I should warn you that the parents could abandon their young if you do not have a very good relationship with them.
    So only do this if you are fairly sure it can be done.

    Eggs! i am not certain, but think it is around 21 23 days from the time she starts sitting full time. She should lay a couple of eggs or more before sitting full time. This is so that they hatch around the same time.
    Number of eggs? Sorry do not know.
    If this is their first time you should get prepared to step in and take over feeding or at lest supplement feeding if they are in any sort of trouble food wise. So I wouls say at least have some baby formula ready and scales are a good thing to keep an eye on weights. I did this every Day those first few weeks and kept records.
    R.I.P my little ones.

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