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Thread: Interested Ollie!

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    Interested Ollie!

    So, we have had the new puppy for about a week now. And Ollie is very interested in the puppy. We have really tried to no change Ollie's schedule any since getting the puppy. Ollie is constantly wanting to be near the puppy to check him out. Ollie is fully flighted and she has tried to fly down onto the puppy a couple of times. We have deflected her so it hasn't happened yet. The puppy doesn't seem to be interested in Ollie at all.

    Should we go ahead and allow Ollie to sit on the puppy and smell her and touch her a little (with the dogs head being held of course) so that she gets some of this inquisitive energy out? Or do you think this will make her think that she can hang out with the puppy and make her interest even more? I personally don't want them touching at all. I'm nervous that the puppy is going to think she is a toy and I also don't want Ollie biting the puppy.
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    Re: Interested Ollie!

    I held our dogs heads and finally let Boomer get on them so he could check them out because he was determined to do it no matter how much we didn't want him to do it. I wished I could say that stopped him from being curious but it didn't so we had to train our dogs to not move when Boomer flew near them. They were smart Rottweilers and knew to hold still when Boomer flew close to them and they never once tried to hurt him. They were older though and puppies are so unpredictable that I would do my best to keep them separated until you know for certain that neither one of them isn't going to hurt each other.
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