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Thread: Cockatiel questions/Naming new cockatiel?

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    Cockatiel questions/Naming new cockatiel?

    Hey so I'm getting a new baby cockatiel and was wondering how I should go about introducing two cockatiels?
    I have a hand raised Lutino female cockatiel named Lokee (I thought she was a boy at first)She is just 12 months old now, I have paid for my new cockatiel i'm now just waiting for it to finish being hand raised in about two works i'll be picking it up.
    I know about quarantine but I'm not sure about how to introduce them and eventually have them in the same cage. Loki's cage is very large and they would have plenty of space. I was thinking of putting the two cages next to each other after quarantine (i'm just buying a medium sized budgie cage for the baby) so they can check each other out and get used to being around each other then letting them both out for supervised play time? Then if they take a liking to each other putting them in the same cage?
    I have been trying to think of names for the baby but I can't think of ANYTHING so a few names suggestions would be great! I don't know the gender so maybe some female, male and gender neutral names would be good Thanks heaps!


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    Re: Cockatiel questions/Naming new cockatiel?

    Hi, Katlin, and welcome to the community. It is a good you are going to quarantine for 30 days. I've read different opinions as to where to locate cages during quarantine. Some say to keep the birds in separate rooms, some say in the same room but at quite a distance apart. Personally, I would try the same room, just space the cages sufficient distance apart.

    You can have out of cage time for each one separately during that 30 day quarantine. Just be sure when you take each one out, you have washed your hands before doing so, since germs from the bird could be on them, and if the new bird would have some bacteria on it you would not want that to pass to the other bird.

    Bonding with the new one is important, and you can easily do that since both will be in different cages. Try to give equal time to them so that the bond you have with the 12 month old will continue. After the quarantine, just play it by ear, and when you put them together watch them carefully to see if they are going to accept each other.

    There is a website called Cockatiel Cottage that has a section that has hundreds of bird names. Perhaps you might find one on that site. Also, if you just google, "Names for Cockatiels", there are several websties that have a list of names as well. I love the name Lexi, because it is gender friendly. Also you could use the name "Alexi"! I hope to see you around the forum, and also, please post some pics for us of your 12 month old, and your new baby. We LOVE pics here!
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