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Thread: Egg bound?

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    Exclamation Egg bound?

    I believe my female cockatiel is going to lay an egg soon. However, I am unsure of how long an egg will be in her until she decides to lay it. I know it will not be fertile because her and my male never mated. I can tell she is going to lay because she feels heavier and looks heavier, she has some small bulge by her back end and she when she poo's they are a bit larger. So what I am asking is how long will she hold onto an unfertilized before she lays it or how long is it suppose to be inside of her before I should worry that she could be going through egg binding? Are there signs I should look for if she is having trouble laying it or signs I will know she should be laying it soon? Any feedback would be great thank you!

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    Re: Egg bound?

    The main sign you will see if she is egg bound, will be that she will most likely be setting on the cage floor trying and trying to push that egg out with no success. If you were to pick her up and examine her closely, there may be blood in the area of the vent, and you will see the egg at the surface, but she is not able to push the egg out. Have you been feeding her cuttlebone and mineral block regularly? Does she eat fresh foods such as lettuce, kale, broccoli, carrots, etc.? Is she drinking plenty of water?

    Any hen needs to have plentiful amount of calcium in her body so that when she does lay an egg the shells will be hard. Often times, lack of calcium, "can", cause the egg shell to be very soft, and that is one more reason it is hard for the hen to push the egg out.

    You will not want to leave her nesting on the cage floor very long. Personally, your description about her would make me want to call an Avian Vet and have her checked out right now, before she ends up with an egg that won't pop out.

    How old is your female tiel, and are you her first owner? Do you have any knowledge of her having laid eggs before (if you are a second or more owner)?

    When a pair mates, the hen usually lays the egg within in a few days. One other suggestion is for you to search google: Signs and symptoms of a cockatiel hen being egg bound. There should be many web sites that would provide good information for you as to what to look for in egg binding.

    I hope this information is helpful to you.

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    Re: Egg bound?

    Maxollie has given great advice.

    It is good that you have noticed she has put on weight. Hens do this when coming into season. But may not mean she will lay.
    You are watching her closely so keep a good eye on her poohs. If she seems that she has not poohed in a long time get her to the vets.
    Do your research on the vets available and what times you can get hold of them, just in case you need one in a hurry.

    Eggs do not always show before they get stuck, this can happen further up inside her as well.
    You ask about time? That is a very hard one to answer. I have No Clues.
    Some say you can rub a bit of KY jelly around the vent, and or take the bird into a very steamy bath room. I cannot say where this will help or work. But as long as it is not detrimental, if there is an gee and it is about to pop out, it could help.

    Fingers crossed for you and her both.

    My fear is things can and do go wrong so very quickly. From seeing my Tinkerbell sitting on the nest and then finding her on the floor next morning close to ******. Freaked me out and to have this happen twice! She is very very lucky to be still part of my flock.
    R.I.P my little ones.

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