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Thread: Less problems

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    Less problems

    I dare say, things are improving with Coryn; now, he does not screams that much when I approach him, he already sits on my finger, arm and shoulder, but I am worried about his broken leg. The problem is, that we are in a kind of ,,cannot afford that much in the moment" situation, so I could not take him to the wet. What do I need to do then? I do not want him to die now, he actually started to develop. I am teaching him with that ,,click" technique, and he shows some signs of understanding.

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    Re: Less problems

    Wished I could tell you what to do about his broken leg but since you cant take him to the vet I don't have any idea how you can help him. By now it must already be healing up and hopefully will get better without a vets care. Can he use it at all? Are you sure its broken or maybe it was just bruised and hurt and can heal up. I think I remember you saying you put tape on it to stabilize it when he had his accident but cant remember for sure. The best advice is take him to the vet but since you cant do this all you do is splint or tape it up and hope for the best. I would think if he was going to die because of his leg injury it would have been days after he hurt it so hopefully that is a good sign. I have read stories online about birds with broken legs who were just fine up until they got older and then arthritis sets in and it gives them troubles then.

    It sounds like he is getting comfortable with you which is a good thing and if he is sitting on you, especially your finger this is great because he trusts you. I never used a clicker for training anything so I cant give you any advice with it but if you think its working I got to say it must be.
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