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Thread: help please for my username and password

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    help please for my username and password

    Hello out there: Earlier in Dec .I registered and waited for my activation email which didn't come.I finally emailed Dan but didn't get a reply.To day I thought I would look at the forum board even if I couldn't post and it looks like I have been accepted by Tailfeathers but now can't log in because I forget my username and password that I originally used to register.I tried to re register with my second email account and a password I hoped I hadn't previously used but now it seems I'm a spammer?? There isn't any way to get the former password or username sent to my email account so now I don't know what to do.I have four Lovebirds, a Quaker Parrot and a Budgie and I would like to be on this site but now I don't know how .Could someone look up my email address and see if I am registered to use this site and then contact me via email? Thanks

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    Re: help please for my username and password

    Is this you?
    Quote Originally Posted by annakaranina View Post
    Hurrah!! I remembered my username.I'm now logged in!:
    If so I am glad you have sorted it.
    I have replied on your other thread if that is you and am only posting here so that Marrie will know not to go looking for you.
    Regards Clive
    R.I.P my little ones.

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    Re: help please for my username and password

    If that is you, I am glad you got it sorted. But, if not, I can't look up anything based on "Unregistered" (I don't get to see any of your private info when you post without logging in, to protect user privacy) and would need to know a username or email address to look you up.

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