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Thread: Training Tips

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    Talking Training Tips

    Im new to Cockatiels and was wondering if anyone has any training tips? cookie my 9 week old cockatiel knows to step up onto finger and very good at doing it i really want to train her to do as many things as possible to keep her active, just wanted to know of ways to train her as she's young wanted to start early so if you have any tips and tricks please comment or PM me.

    Thanks Lynette

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    Re: Training Tips

    We use to train our lovebird to do things just by repeating what we wanted over and over again. If he did it we would give him lots of happy praise and he would do it for us again. To him happy praise was better then any kind of treat we gave to him. You can look up bird tricks online and see what they are doing and then slowly try to teach Cookie the trick with lots of praise when she does it, even if she does not do it right. She will perfect it in time. It does sound like you are starting out great because sometimes it takes months for them to step up on your finger. I know my bird use to and my sisters two big birds now love to do what we call happy flappies. You hold them on your finger and raise them up over your head and then drop them down fast enough they flap their wings. We always say in a happy voice "weeee" as they come down and at the end tell they are a good bird, again in a very happy praising voice. Mango my sisters Amazon will actually laugh at the end of his drop which makes me just crack up laughing at him so he laughs more. Do not do any trick more then I would say four or five times because I have found birds get tired of doing it so much and just want to chill out for awhile between training sessions.
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    Re: Training Tips

    You might also go to Youtube and search training cockatiels. . . . and . . . . clicker training for cockatiels. I've watched videos that are very educational and you just might find something that will work for you and Cookie. I'd love to see pics of Cookie. Welcome to the forum, Lynette and Cookie!

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