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Thread: Budgie with swollen leg

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    Budgie with swollen leg

    Hi Friends,

    Need your advice. Saw one of my budgies falling off her perch today. On closer inspection, saw one of her leg was slightly swollen and blue. Plus there seemed to be a slight nick on her foot as if one of the other birds had pecked her.

    She is not able to rest her weight on that leg but is still trying to perch. She seems to be flying okay. For now, I have put an antiseptic and antifungal cream on her swollen leg.

    Should I also start antibiotics?

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    Re: Budgie with swollen leg

    My opinion is to call an Avian Vet or a regular Vet ASAP! Personally, I would not use any antiseptic and antifungal creams on my birds without first getting an opinion from a Vet. There are many things to consider when something like this happens. Yes, it could have just been an accident, and she fell. It could be the other birds had been pecking her. But also we must consider it could be some sort of other medical condition, such as a neurological problem that caused her to fall. The creams you are using, if she were to lick or taste them could have ingredients in them that would make her sick or in a worse case even cause her to die.

    So, again, I would strongly suggest you call an Avian Vet.

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    Re: Budgie with swollen leg

    I got to agree with Ellen that you should call the vet to make sure the antifungal and antiseptic creams are actually bird safe because no doubt she will be licking her leg that has something on it. If I recall there might not be any good avian vets in India and if that is the case please look online and make sure the creams are safe to use. Hopefully it did not break its leg and it is only swollen from hitting it or it possibly could have had a cage fright and got it caught on a bar or something and bruised it trying to get it out.

    I hope it will get better soon and the swelling will go down fast, it just has to hurt her right now
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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