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Thread: Baby budgie hatched!

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    Re: Baby budgie hatched!

    Yes, I would say that it probably is that mineral block. I have never had a colored mineral block, the ones I buy are chalky colored. Maybe yours has some vitamin C in it, which would be o.k. Do watch her, and if she displays any unusual behavior such as being all fluffed up, or lethargic, or listless, or not eating and drinking, then I would call an Avian Vet or a Vet and report your finding of the orange poops. Do you feed seeds with colored pieces in it. And have you fed the same seed for quite awhile? If you were feeding new seeds with the colors, it could also be the colors. But I feed my budgie seeds with orange colored seeds in it and he hasn't had orange poops. You are doing great in "observing" them. It is important for us to always watch any changes in them. Keep up the good work!

    I presume the baby is fine today. Another thought is, since the baby is getting a little older now, it is probably becoming more active in the nest. I also would watch the baby perhaps a few more times than usual, because it could be the baby is moving around alot now, and maybe by mistake they stepped on it or on its little feet, since you said it was a really loud "squawking" noise, it is possible. Baby birds make that noise even when they are not hungry sometimes.

    If you go on Youtube and type in "baby budgies being fed by parents", or a hungry baby budgie", you should be able to pull up some neat videos of the parents feeding, as well as that "baby bird hungry" sound (That's what I call it).

    I'll check back again in a few hours to see how it is going today. It is about 2:15 pm here, so I'll plan on stopping by about 5:30-6:00 p.m.
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    Re: Baby budgie hatched!

    I have seen colored "flavored" mineral blocks here. Some are even in the shape of what "fruit" they are flavored with. I am happy you mentioned the orange mineral block because I was afraid something was happening to the Mom until you said it. I think it is the mineral block causing this because of the dye used to turn it orange. I hope it is just the orange color causing this and not something else going on with the Mom. Keep a close eye on her just to make sure and perhaps remove the mineral block to see if her poops go back to normal without it.
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