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Thread: Simply Appauled

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    Simply Appauled

    A friend called me to tell me about a story in Jacksonville. I passed the story onto as many people in as many clubs as I know. This is absolutely appalling. The lady this happened to is actually a church minister who advertised some finches she had for sale. She has 8 birds, all finches total and one pair had babies. She wanted to move them to a good home and advertised on Craig’s list. A guy called her to say his name was Steve, and he wanted her birds. She spoke with her husband, so he would be with her when a stranger came to their house. When he arrived well; here is here email sent to about 100 people in response to what I sent out:

    It’s true. The lady was me. I was totally and methodically set up. It was an FWC, (Florida Wildlife Commission) officer at my door and 3 other FWC trucks, plus JSO, (Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office) plus a film crew outside my home. The filming was to be for a COPS type show on Animal Planet. As soon as I realized what was going on I had the officer step inside my house. I did not allow any filming. I was hurt, stunned and angry. I called the Lieutenant in charge yesterday and expressed my feelings about the whole thing and the great waste of manpower and tax dollars. I got a warning. I immediately sent a mass text and email to all my friends that sell birds. Sure enough they had already contacted one of my friends and were on the way to meet him. After I tipped him off he cancelled the meeting at which time the officers and film crew showed up at his door at 10:30 at night filming in full force with his wife and young boys watching. Absolutely Horrendous.

    OK, I hope everyone is as appalled as I am. This is unprofessional on the Animal Channels part and a gross injustice and entrapment. There is certainly way too many bad people selling birds and they should throw them all under a jail, but this is way out of line and misguided. Side note: check your laws and know them. In Florida, you do not need any license to possess, either canaries or finches, but the law is clear when it comes to selling or exhibiting. Now any of you who read my blurb about brokers at bird expos, well those are who they should be hitting, not 70 year old church clergy. Simply amazing

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    Re: Simply Appauled

    That sucks.
    What can you say!
    The heavy hand of the law.
    I hope this goes public and the po lice pull their heads in.
    R.I.P my little ones.

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    Re: Simply Appauled

    That is crazy and what a huge waste of money to be going after innocent people trying to sell their birds. They need to go after the bird brokers and nail them and not the families who are selling their birds because they cannot keep them anymore.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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