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Thread: Spammer?

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    I just came across this site on a web search as I am desperately trying to find out why my proven lovebirds are not laying any eggs after months of breeding and their last clutch was a year ago, I am very concerned and your site seemed to be the perfect place to post my question, I take the time to fill out the registration form, only to be refused and to be called a Spammer? I am so insulted! You dont know me, I have not, to my recollection, posted on this site before! How dare you call me a Spammer! Perhaps, you can refer me to a more professional and friendly, but just as knowledgeable site so that I can post my question, in an attempt to find the answer!

    Thank you,

    Dawn Whitt

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    Re: Spammer?

    Please don't take offense at our robots flagging you. We suffered badly from being spammed, things had to be done that are causing some new members a little bit of trouble.
    Here is what Marrie has to say on the matter and how you could try to fix it.

    If you are having trouble registering due to the anti-spam script saying you are a spammer here are some common reasons:

    1) The username you are trying to register has been flagged as a spammer by the script. It has a database of common spammer names that have been reported by various forums throughout the world. You can try using a different username. If you really, really want the other one and you had to register with one you didn't want, you can PM me and I will edit it for you.

    2) Your email address has been flagged as a spammer. The script, again, has a database of spammers and sometimes it can be a little sensitive about the free emails and especially the foreign emails (the majority of spambots we have removed from the site are based in Russia or China). You can try using a different email address.

    3) The image verification system - We use a question/answer system now, since that one is harder for bots to break. Be SURE you are typing the answer in. Variations (for example tailfeather or tail feather) work and capitalization doesn't matter.

    If all else fails, you can post here and I can give you my email address so I can register the account for you and then email you the login details.

    Look forward to talking over your situation.
    R.I.P my little ones.

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    Re: Spammer?

    The registration is not refusing you because someone manually flagged you as a spammer. It's not personal. Scripts are unable to read anything other than what the database says are "security threats" - forum owners across the world submit names/email addresses to the database and sometimes the names line up with something a spammer used in the past. The CAPTCHA and email authorization alone was not keeping spammers away and we were getting bombarded with 100-200 spam bots a day, so Dan added the extra layer of the script. It still needs some tweaking.

    If you would like to register and using a different username and/or email does not work, you may email me at Milakala @ gmail . com (just remove the spaces so it's a normal email address) and let me know what username you would like and I can set your account up.

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