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Thread: Newbies :-)

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    Newbies :-)

    Hi I am sandy I live in mn USA :-) just inherited two budgies with 2 babies left In the nest. I was told by gramps the babies were due out of the nest anytime but I know nothing else about the babies or parents age etc except they are good parents and had three babies that my brother took to his house that were older by three mos or so. I am new to baby land birds but I know I want them to be tame if I keep them or not. I am in need of advice
    About when I can start taking them out of the nest to handle. I can't hand feed as I work full time. Do I need to leave that nest in there and for how long. They haven't come out on their own yet. Do I need to wait for that? I have had a cockatiel and parrotlet but they were fully weaned when I got them I' don't want to do anything that would make the parents stop feeding them. HELP! :-)

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    Re: Newbies :-)

    Hi, Sandy, and welcome to Tailfeathers Community! Congrats on inheriting a pair of budgies and their baby chicks. Are the parents tame enough for you to have them step up on your finger, or to hold them? When you get close to the baby budgies to the parents put up a fuss, or are they willing to let you interact with the babies? If the parents do not get aggressive towards you, I would say you could begin to interact with the babies for short periods of time, holding them and giving them head scritches. If the parents resist, then I would say it will not be but perhaps a week-10 days and they will crawl out of the nest themselves and sit on the perches in the bird cage. They should fledge (learn) to fly very soon after coming out of the nest box. You could do some socializing with them once they get out of the box if the parents will not allow it before they do crawl out of the box.

    I would leave the nest box in the cage for perhaps up to a week after they have crawled out of the box. The parents will most likely take them back to the nest box at night for a few days. When you see the parents and the babies all sleeping on the perches at night, then in my view, you can take the nest box out. It will need to be cleaned thoroughly before storing it. Or you can throw it out and get another one if you decide to have more baby budgies.

    I really like to see the parents feed their young. Some folks like to hand feed the babies. I think emergency hand feeding is fine, but I use an example of human mothers feeding their own milk to human babies, and as we know, the bonding that occurs with that relationship is so special. I feel the same happens with birds. And there are folks that will say hand fed babies, without having been bonded with the parents, sometimes do not get along as well as those that were parent raised.

    Another good reason to leave the nest box setup as it is now, would be because you do not want the parents abandoning the babies at all, and sometimes disturbing the nest can cause them to abandon their young.

    I hope this information is helpful to you. Do stop back by the forum often and keep us updated, and we would also love to see some pics of your new flock (bird family) as well.

    I'm wishing you the very best as you begin your journey with this new budgie family.

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    Re: Newbies :-)

    I cannot add much to what Maxollie has said so well.
    As she has said just be careful, learn to read their body language and act accordingly.
    You do need a good bond and the parents need to fully trust you, if you want to handle the young.
    It will take much more effort on your part to tame once they start leaving the nest box. I posted some information on this thread that may also help you
    R.I.P my little ones.

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