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Thread: A few questions!

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    Question A few questions!

    Hey! I'm kinda of new at the whole budgie/bird thing.. So I have a few questions

    When is it the right time to start taming my budgies?
    They give me mixed signals. Sometimes they're totally chill but maybe a few hours later they would be kind of scared again.

    How do I know if my budgie is over eating?
    They've been eating a lot more today than usual!
    Plus we've put in a treat stick from a few days back and they only started eating it today and they almost finished it!

    What are some good snacks to give them?

    What kind of toys do budgies enjoy?

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    Re: A few questions!

    Stop take a step back and let them settle in.
    It does sound good that they are piling into the food. (as long as it is good health stuff). It means they are settling in well.
    I would not worry about them over eating, they should balance things out.
    I am not that well up on what Budgies like as treats. But i treat Budgie Blue not differently than my Cockatiels.
    Though I do have budgie seed that I do put out in the multi trays. But mostly it is Cockatiel seed, hulled oats, millet.
    I have not seen her at the veges very much, but i do put out carrot, broccoli, silverbeet, dandelion, sow thistle.
    Sometimes I have pumpkin seeds, but they maybe to big a seed for her.
    You could consider trying sprouting! This is a most excellent way to feed them good fresh high quality foods. Full of vitamins, minerals and trace elelments.
    And to be honest I have not seen her play, but she is a handicapped little girl. She does like chewing wood though.
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    R.I.P my little ones.

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