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Thread: 2 parakeets dead within 4 hours

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    2 parakeets dead within 4 hours

    I just Reciently lost both of my parakeets at the same time. They were both 6 years old. I had found one dead on the bottom of the cage, and the other breathing heavily and wings sprawled out. My roommate said they were ok at 2pm. My wife had made pancakes in a small frying pan just an hour before i found them at 6pm. Is it possible the teflon coating killed them this fast, or coukd it have been the 80 degree temp in the house? I have always kept house this warm, but i cannot remember ever using this nonstick pan before. Other pans i have used, and no issues,

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    Re: 2 parakeets dead within 4 hours

    So sorry to hear that. Yes, it was certainly the teflon pan. 80 degrees is no problem for any bird. It's best to learn to use stainless steel or cast iron if you have birds, and toss any non-stick pans.

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    Re: 2 parakeets dead within 4 hours

    I am very sorry for your loss of both of your birds, how heartbreaking that must of been for you and your wife. This is just awful and sadly the pan could have been what killed them. I agree with Linda that you should look into using cast iron or stainless pans, it is better for the birds and also for the humans in your house as well. It is a proven fact that if you eat from Teflon pans they can test your blood and find Teflon (PTFE and PFOA) in your blood. I heard that and it was scary enough for me to get rid of all the Teflon pans in my house and go back to natural cast iron and stainless cookware and bake ware.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Re: 2 parakeets dead within 4 hours

    Teflon can kill within a few hours. 80f is not anywhere near hot enough to cause heat stroke in a bird, let alone both, especially if they were used to the temperatures.

    I do wish companies would stop carrying ptfe/pfoa pans. There are non-toxic alternatives (ceramic ptfe/pfoa free for non-stick) and most people don't think cooking can release such deadly poison into the air. I am sorry you lost your fids.

    If you have other birds, keep an eye on them for respiratory distress and get them to the vet for a checkup.

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    Re: 2 parakeets dead within 4 hours

    Sorry that you have come here with such bad news.
    I am sorry for your lose, and the two birds that died, most certainly from the fumes of the teflon pan.
    It will never end, I am sorry to say. There is no cure for even the slightest degree of exposure to these fumes.
    They die with in minuets in most cases. and horribly slowly in some cases. But the results are always the same.
    Please do not kick yourself too much. Accidents do happen.
    If you get any more birds make sure you get ri8d of anything that may have teflon on it.
    R.I.P my little ones.

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    Re: 2 parakeets dead within 4 hours

    I'm so sorry to hear you have lost your two precious budgies! It is even more difficult for you since you had them for six years.

    I would agree that most probably it was the teflon pan that caused them to die. And I agree that stainless steel pains are the best for cooking. I would not buy those that are non-stick, because that material also can be deadly to birds. As to cast iron. I know they are a very good cooking pan, however, I do not use them because when you cook with cast iron, you will always get some of that iron into your system. And some folks cannot take alot of iron in their body.

    Did you recently buy any new floor cleaners, or candles, air fresheners, or pine products? All can be deadly to birds. And was there anyone in the home that might have been using e-cigarettes, cigarettes, or other tobacco products? All of these can also be deadly to birds.

    I admire you and congratulate you for caring for them for all those years. Six years is a considerable time to have a budgie in your home.

    Fly High and Free little budgies! Over the Rainbow Bridge! Rest in Peace!

    Again, I am so sorry you have lost them.

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