So since I finally have my new 'tiel, Rocco, I wanted to try and make a bird mash. He has been eating his food. I bought they Kaytee Cockatiel foraging mix, so it has pellets, different mixture of seeds. He seems to favor the sunflower seeds a lot. I think next time i need to buy food I'm going to try the Volkman seed mixture. I found out the birdstore I got him from carries it. I will try to introduce some veggies soon after a few days. I found this recipe for a simple boiled egg and cooked rice. I do know that it isn't good to give your too much egg yolk. My question was after I make this, do you guys think it would be ok to put it in the fridge? or is it better to put it in the freezer. I wasn't sure about putting a boiled egg in the freezer though o.O I want to try some type of mash, but since I only have him, I want to try and get a recipe that I could use and keep it in the freezer or something. I don't want to over make and have more than half of it go bad since I only have one bird. I did see another thread on here about bird food and stuff. Thanks for you input!