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Thread: pools of clear urine

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    pools of clear urine

    my budgie has been squirting copious amounts of clear fluid onto the bottom of her cage, other than maybe looking a bit more fluffed up, no other symptoms, eating well and and seeming to drink more. If i didnt lay six layers of newspaper it would be pooling. Has been going on for a week. Hesitant to take her to a vet, last bird i took many years ago went into shock at the counter and died. She has a budgie friend in the cage with her who is healthy, no symptoms.
    Dont think its connected but another bird that lived in the cage died suddenly few days previous to symptoms starting. It had no symptoms prior. Also around the time the squirting started my 7 yr old daughter stepped on 'Foxy's' head, it was touch and go for a day, she looked in the midst of a stroke or something but recoveredwell from that.
    They often eat those seed sticks all stuck together with honey, but other than that just seed and water.
    Also, the birds run free around the flat and of the three birds, the squirter was a bit of a chewer ( wooden furniture mostly but also books, egg shells etc). And my boyfriend recently sprayed surface spray around the place prior to her getting sick (i didnt find out till after).
    Not sure what it could be or whether to subject her to the stress of a vet who might not diagnose her anyway. Does anyone have advice?

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    Re: pools of clear urine

    Hi Kelly.
    Welcome to the forum.
    I am not too sure what to say. A week s a long time for this to be going on.
    So a vet visit maybe your best option.
    I would think dehydration maybe going on if the stools are so runny.
    It does seem strange that only one bird is showing signs if it was something sprayed around on surfaces.
    I do hope you can get to the bottom of this No Pun intended.
    Where any of the things that have happened around the time of this starting has anything to do with it? Hum! Maybe, maybe not.
    R.I.P my little ones.

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