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Thread: Is my cockatiel in pain?

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    Is my cockatiel in pain?

    Hi, my cockatiel is about 18 years old. He appears healthy in that there are no overt problems, remains active, and eating. However for the past week, a few times per day, I find him making a noise that sounds like distress, his crest feathers are flat, and he is holding his vent area against a perch (while standing on a nearby rope perch). When I approach, he stops and returns to being himself. I don't think it is sexual stimulation but not sure. It really sounds like pain. No obvious stool changes either. Thanks.


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    Re: Is my cockatiel in pain?

    Hi, John, and welcome to the community.. Personally, I would definitely call an Avian Vet in your area, or if you cannot find one, then a regular Vet. Since he is making a noise of distress, in my view, that would call for an evaluation. He could have some sort of bowl obstruction, or some problem in his reproductive area.

    My male tiel uses his perch for sexual stimulation as well. He make bird chirping sounds, but I have never considered any of his sounds to be distressful.

    I feel that you will have piece of mind by having a Vet visit. I sure admire you for having him for 18 years. That tells me you are an excellent caregiver, and have treated him with lots of love and care. Do keep us posted as to how it all works out for you. Hope to see you often here on the forum.

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    Re: Is my cockatiel in pain?

    Welcome to the forum.

    Yes I agree a vet visit sounds like your best bet. It maybe an infection or soreness around his vent.
    Good that his poop has not changed, as that indicates to me it is more than likely not a problem further up his digestive system.
    If you have had this guy for 18yrs, I feel you are far better than us to decide if he is in need of a vet check over.

    I hope it is a easy fix.
    R.I.P my little ones.

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