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Thread: Help yourself didnt mean you Frodo

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    Help yourself didnt mean you Frodo

    Was having snacks this afternoon and mum told me to help my self and Frodo stole my cracker. 0.o Lol let him stay out till dinner in which he was eyeing up my noodles, chicken and beans.
    He basically decided the beans looked good and pulled two from my mouth before I could eat them. He kept trying to take some chicken too.

    Most the time I am laughing when hes trying to steal food from me XD hes so adorable. Kinda funny how he steals the whole bean without letting me have any of it as I try eat it haha.

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    Re: Help yourself didnt mean you Frodo

    Some frown on birds eating from your mouth.
    But i have not known any problems myself.
    Dexter is one of those also that likes to try anything I eat.
    I think if there would be any trouble it will because the person who is mouth feeding has something (is sick). Like I would not let Dexter take food from me if I had a cold even.
    Here is a photo for you of Ricky sliding down my face to help him self.
    R.I.P my little ones.

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    Re: Help yourself didnt mean you Frodo

    The food is always better when they can steal it from you. Boomer had big problems with trying to get food out of our mouth too but we did try to keep him from doing it. You should put out a small bowl of your food on the table for Frodo so he can eat "flock meals" with you. Frodo will still want it from your mouth but soon will figure out it is much easier eating it from the bowl.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Re: Help yourself didnt mean you Frodo

    I put some cooked chickpeas on the side of my of plate today as Storm has decided she will be a food thief and I didn't want her eating chilli con carne... what's worrying is Leia was watching from the cage top doing a funny curious head bob with a look in her eye that she will try it next!
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