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Thread: The Aviary

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    The Aviary

    Settling in to the new home and got the birds sorted, with setting up the bird room.
    And started work on enclosing an area under the deck, to become an aviary for them.
    It has been a labour of love. It took me what seems like an age to get it bird proof. But they are worth it.
    Each panel is only held in place with four screws to keep it simple to remove if or when I move out.
    The end wall is Polycarbonate to help keep out the wind from the Southwest, and I used stain on the wood.
    I found an old security door to use as a the outside door. I also have access via a door into the garage.
    There are still things I want to sort. Like food stations, so they can all get to them. Thinking about the two non flighted ones here.
    I kept the old play gym and have put that in and a long perch running along the aviary.
    On the back wall I have built a bench and put the stainless sink bench on it. I am hoping they will use this a food station.
    And when I do fish I can use it as my filleting table.
    I put a few of the birds in it the other day to see what they would react like. Lots of flock calling from separation anxiety.
    Today they are all out there and I took a few photos.
    I will go out later to see if they are relaxing a bit more.
    It will be a rough time for them getting netted and transferred back and forth, so will be watching body language carefully.
    The new girl 33 seems to be far more relaxed than I would of expected, being a parent raised non handled Fid.
    Goes to show you just never know.

    R.I.P my little ones.

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    Re: The Aviary

    Wow!! Clive, you are so very talented. You built that aviary with lots of love and expertise! It is awesome! I know the flock is appreciating their new home and loving you for all the work you accomplished in getting them into such a peaceful setting. Thanks for sharing the pics and update with us!

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    Re: The Aviary

    Great Aviary. Once they get settled into it they will love it.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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