I need a hand identifying a mutation of an unsexed cockatiel - I wasn't given much information (that is, no information) by the girl I bought him / her off - going by vent sexing, feels like a boy but haven't spied it doing any male-behaviour yet.

I thought it was a lutino, but when I turned up to buy him he had very odd eyes - almost like the lutino 'lightness', but a grey-blue in normal light to reddish in camera flash (this doesn't happen with my cinnamon WF pied hen - she's always got brown eyes). Also has a baldy spot.

Here he is, with a flash at night:

Note the 'not-quite-red and not-quite-brown' eyes.

My Albino hen for comparison (excuse how scruffy she looks, she's going through a moult):

My cinnamon W/F pied hen for comparison (normal, dark eyes) :

Now the albino has the usual 'deep-wine' coloured eyes so typical of the ino mutation, but this one is more on the fence. I have had clear-pieds in the past and not one of them had eyes like this - they all had brown / black eyes.

Here is something of interest I stumbled across while browsing the net for this odd phenomenon

So I'm wondering (if this has any merit at all) if he / she is a lutino split to pied or split to white-face? Definitely not a pearl lutino, and I can't see any cinnamon tinging on the wings at all - for all intents and purposes, looks like a lutino :/

I don't have any full-body pics as he's still a bit flighty (supposedly tame, but I don't mind as he's going into the aviary anyway and I didn't pay 'tame-bird' prices for him), but I will try to get one in the next couple of days.