As some of you know I've been searching for a cockatoo for a while now. I'm happy to say I found one from a rescue and have made arrangments to bring her home, but more on that on a separate thread.

I had originally hoped to use Craigslist to find a decent sized cage and with the trouble finding a cockatoo until recently I haven't been as dillegent with my search as I should have been. There are not any that are suitable for a boffins cockatoo and I can't afford a new cage running 300+
Therefore Id like to make a cage. The frame is no issue as I can safely make it with the proper woods and materials my problem is finding power coated wire to wrap the frame with. Most fencing is unsafe for a bird that will chew on the cage material so that's out of the question. So I am unsure what to use or do.
Any advice or suggestions would be more then welcome.