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Thread: Training a Budgie

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    Training a Budgie

    Hi, I fell in love with birds at a very young age and I'm currently thirteen almost fourteen. I bought a Budgie around a year ago. I'm having trouble training him. He will sit on my finger and shoulder when he is out and away from the cage. But whenever I go to take him out he tries to run away from me. Also when I'm near the cage he flies away from me into the cage. I have tried treats but he won't take them from me. He seems to like me and seems to have a close bond with me but never seems to want to come out of the cage, and always flys away from me and into the cage if he sees it. Any suggestions?
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    Re: Training a Budgie

    Positive Reinforcement Training.

    I do not know what your relationship is like and that makes it hard to judge what is going on.
    But in 12months I would of thought you would be getting somewhere.
    Target training is said to help form a strong bond, so you could look at that approach.
    Treats are a good way to go as well.
    And at the end of day it does come down to each individual bird.
    R.I.P my little ones.

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    Re: Training a Budgie

    Hi, Emma and welcome to the community! I also would recommend positive reinforcement training. You should be able to find information about it on Youtube, or by googling "positive reinforcement training for budgies". Also, there is a training called "clicker training". You should be able to find that on Youtube as well.

    We love pics here, so feel free to post some of your budgie! I hope to see you often on the forum. I think with a little work with him, he will improve. I've also read where some budgie owners take their birds into a small room of the home such as a small bedroom, or even the bathroom as long as he doesn't fly into the toliet stool, and do some of the clicker and/or positive reinforcement training. You also can use a "dowel" (a small perch) and begin by having him to "step up". When he does step up, then give him a treat, such as "a piece of millet", or a seed treat stick. Often times they identify the treat with good behavior. That might also be something you could do to tame him more.

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