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Thread: feather plucking

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    feather plucking

    i have two very young budgies, they are about 6 months old. when i first got them i noticed they were plucking around the preening gland area. i suspect the people were feeding then a poor diet. to treat this i massaged the area with a warm wet towel and i instantly changed there diet i feed them nutraberries, and in another dish feed them a paice of a boiled egg, mixed together with some oats, rice, quinoa, and some regular bird seeds. at one point it seems to have worked the feathers had grown back but now i THINk one of the budgies is plucking the feathers out of habbit. i checked the area their seems to be no indications of an infection. so i really think that its has become a habit. what could i do to stop this, should i consider buying pluck no more from kings cages. when i check the cage there is a whole bunch of feathers and they are all from this one budgie. also what is weird they are very lazy birds. when i open the cage to let them out for a bit they just sit there. when i had budgies before they couldnt wait to get out of the cage. any thoughts?

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    Re: feather plucking

    Plucking is a very hard thing to stop if it becomes habitual.
    And plucking would not normally be seen in such young birds. Which does indicate a health issue.
    I am also a little worried that as both seem to have had the same problem, it may be a good thing to get them vet checked.
    There are a few things you could add to the diet that will help with skin and feather condition.
    I am against any pellets and even more so for Budgies and Cockatiels. But if you have found a all natural one without any supplements.
    I know there are any amount of store bought products that claim they work, but I am not so sure about any of them.
    My AV did ask me to try Red Palm Oil when I had a naked SC2 come in. Omega3 can also help. Flax seed, Chilli to help clean out their systems.
    I still think a vet check first before trying too much though.
    R.I.P my little ones.

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    Re: feather plucking

    I also feel that you should take them for a Vet checkup. Did you get them from a prior owner, or from a Pet Shop or a Breeder? I've homed budgies for many years and have never had one that was plucking its feathers. I don't know what area of the world you may live, so I cannot address the environment or climate. I also am thinking of maybe "mites", or parasites, but it is rare that budgies have either. In some areas of the world that is more likely than others. Budgies do lose feathers year around. I do not mean that they molt year around, but on occasion, I will find feathers in the bottom of the cage from my budgie. Generally he has a molt in the fall and in the spring that has nothing to do with the feathers he loses throughout the year.

    I also do not support pellets, and quite frankly, I also would not feed nutriberries to my budgie. It is not that the company that makes them is not credible, but for me, there is molasses in them, and I try to stay away from sugar and salt in their diet. What seed mix do you feed your budgies? Is it budgie/parakeet seed, or is it another type of seed? Egg is good protein, but I would not feed egg to budgies unless they were mating, and perhaps the hen was laying or going to lay eggs. You could consider feeding some fresh green veggies like leaf lettuce, cilantro, fresh carrots chopped finely, fresh peas or sweet corn. I would not feed any veggies of the cabbage family including parsley, because budgies can get very sick from parsley. On the side of caution I just don't feed any cabbage family veggies as all. You also could consider feeding whole wheat bread pieces. My budgies loves them, fresh lettuce and clinatro.

    Do you have a female and male, or just two females or two males?

    If I were you, I would make that Vet appointment as soon as possible. Especially since your birds have had prior owners, it will be a good idea to have them evaluated by a qualified Avian Vet, or if there is not one in your area, then a regular Vet.

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