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Thread: Turns out Scout is a girl!

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    Thumbs up Turns out Scout is a girl!

    Wow! Alright so, it's been a while! Found out that my green canary, Scout is indeed a girl. She has laid a total of four eggs so far. I'm a little concerned however, which is why I came here - she has had very watery poop since laying eggs. I figure this is a normal thing that just goes along with egg laying and her body doing weird eggy, birdy things that I don't quite understand.

    Scout is 9 months old now. (I had to go back and check.)
    Anyway, here's a recent photo with my baby girl.

    She appears to go into nesting mode when she hears her papa-bird singing from downstairs. (I keep her in my room.) Often singing back to him excitedly.
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    Re: Turns out Scout is a girl!

    I know very little about Canaries.
    She does look very good and comfortable with you.
    Though she does sound to be very young to be laying eggs already.
    I do know they have beautiful voice.
    R.I.P my little ones.

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    Re: Turns out Scout is a girl!

    Hi, Rika and welcome back to the forum! Scout is simply beautiful! We have a member here, 5Borders (Rudy) who is super educated on canaries. He visits the forum often, and I am hopeful he will see your post and reply with some of his thoughts about Scout's egg laying.

    I can hardly believe 9 months have already passed. Scout is just gorgeous, and I love the feathering on her. She is very unique. And it sounds like she is super healthy. I would imagine like all hens, she is loving nesting with her eggs. Do stop by the forum whenever you get the chance and let us know how the egg laying is going. Thanks for the update!

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    Re: Turns out Scout is a girl!

    Rika, 9 moths is very young, nothing to worry about, but still young. That usually means she is in great health. General rule in canary breeding is never use a hen that is younger than 10 months, but no worries if it occurs. The eggs usually are infertile even if she was mated, simply do to everything not being mature enough yet, but then again some can be fertile, but the other problem is a very young hen that simply doesn’t have the experience or knowledge of what to do. Meaning the little girl’s body is doing all kinds of things she has no clue of what they are. I apologize for the analogy, but think about a young girl going through say her first menstrual cycle and there is no woman she can talk to and to explain what is happening to her and her body, but in the bird it is full out pregnancy, and laying eggs, hormones, body changes etc. No worries, birds have done this for longer than we have been on this planet, she will figure it out and with your help, keeping her as healthy as she appears to be, and all will be fine. Now the runny poop could be exactly what you thought. Birds when creating the egg, as it forms and moves down the oviduct can have a buildup. They wait and lay or sit, and when they finally do go to relieve themselves it can be large and sometimes also very wet. Give her small amounts of greens, kale is good or dandelion, wash very well, remember very small amount to keep things moving through her, then also a small bit of rice, cooked. Say for a single bird, maybe a teaspoon amount. Rice is a natural firmer upper, also a little poppy seed sprinkled on the rice. The small bluish poppy seed entices the bird to eat the rice, and it is also a good natural stopper upper or firmer if you will. Lastly everything you explained makes sense, even the going to nest when she hears dad singing. This is natural and the male full song brings the hens into condition and by simply hearing them is a huge trigger. Lastly, observation is I know you’re doing a great job by the appearance of your bird. The nails and beak show it which brings to light why she laid so young. You have taken very good care of her and she has everything she needed to be safe and healthy to be advanced. Hen this young we all usually worry about egg binding, but her beak and nails show your fine. You will need to keep up with her nails, and trimming them as well as her beak soon. I see her feathering, nails and beak all shows she is very healthy, and after she is done laying and then molting later, she will drop her young tail and flight feathers and really come into her own. Good work, just continue what you’re doing and give her a little rice and greens. If you did mate her, sorry you never said, and she does have eggs that hatch, do not give any greens during the first 10 days after they young hatch, only after 10 days.

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