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Thread: Please cancel my account - false login issues

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    Please cancel my account - false login issues

    I have received an e-mail from Tailfeathers saying that someone (not me) has repeatedly tried to access my account. Therefore, since I no longer use this account, I would like to cancel my registration here. Thank you.

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    Re: Please cancel my account - false login issues

    Marrie or Dan will have to do this for you.
    Can I please try and explain what I think is going on.
    Non active members are being picked on as a way to try and gain access to the forum. It seems to be our latest threat. All other loopholes have been closed.
    So picking on a non active user and trying to fluke their pass word seems to of become more common. I know we have had a few reports of this in recent times.
    R.I.P my little ones.

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    Re: Please cancel my account - false login issues

    User removed at request.

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