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Thread: Wing Clipping

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    Re: Wing Clipping

    Shame that it seems all wing clipping posts here end up with a big heated "almost" argument here. It is a personal decision that only the owner truly knows if it is right or wrong. I personally do not see nothing wrong with trimming a birds wing feathers to keep them safe. It is a very personal decision and if you feel it is the right thing to do then clip there wings. Boomer had his wings clipped his entire life he lived with us because it was safer for him. We kept them trimmed so he could still fly but just enough that he could stay level for three or so feet before he had to land. Boomer grew up with kids and two big Rottweilers and it was safer for him to not be fully flighted.

    I would recommend that you only trim a little bit of the wing feathers at a time so you can see after they fly around if you trimmed there wings enough. We trimmed the outside wing feathers on Boomer about a inch and it was perfect for him. Just be careful not to trim a blood feather because it will bleed like crazy.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Re: Wing Clipping

    Thank you for your thoughts Deanna.
    But this is where I will never agree with clipping.
    I really do not give a monkeys about the weak excuses.
    The facts are handicapping has its draw backs.
    I.E. The number of birds that never fly again. What does this mean? Most likely a shorter life span. Why! simply a flighted bird that does not fly will never get a full cardiovascular workout.
    This without all the other reasons I have posted is good enough reason to be a good human to me. Sure even if the laws were introduced their will always be those who do not care. What makes it real sick is they say they love their birds. How That can be is beyond me.
    When I take a bird on, I want to know it is going to get the very best I can do for it and it will live life to the fullest. Not shorten it because I decided I would act as a god and handicap to dominate.
    This is purely a bad human trait.
    I have to agree it is up to the individual where they clip or not, But that does not make it right does it?
    Lucky there are forums where we think more about our birds and work to keep them flighted and they are all anti handicapping.
    R.I.P my little ones.

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