Hi all,

Today I posted on the rainbow bridge area that we lost one of our diamond doves.

I was wondering if anyone here knows about how to care for diamond doves? Or if you don't if you know anyone and what their suggestions might be?

I feel like I get mixed information from people and from online sources.

For example, online it says they need grit with their seeds to digest their foods. But the people down here, one at the pet shop, and the lady we get our French millet from, said they do not need it, maybe only a little if any at all. They do swallow their seeds whole, like pigeons too. And I'm pretty sure pigeons need grit. The good grit as in shell grit. not aviary grit. Even the wild pigeons that visit here everyday will go and peck at the cement on the road which I think is like grit for them to help them digest.

And how would you design a diamond dove cage? For multiple doves, as we have 7. Do they need the kinds of perches that parrots need? With calcium for them to rub their beaks? Do they need really big cages? Ours do have a bigger cage, but for the moment we have lowered everything in the cage to prevent too much flapping or injury. Because we think the one who died had an injury while possibly flapping or flying in the dark.

And do they need a light on all night? Perhaps a dimmed one that isn't so bright? I do not want to keep them awake all night with light, but I do wonder if they need a tiny bit of light to help them see if they want to move somewhere in the night time. They get blankets to cover the cage and keep them warm. Before we got them they just lived outside at my partner's parents house, they did have cover though. But perhaps they still got a tiny bit of light from a street light or something.

They currently eat budgie seeds. This particular one the first budgie one at the top of the page:


We order seeds in bulk from our French millet lady. Although I think they used to eat canary/finch seed, the lady said they can eat the budgie seed as well. We figured it would be fine since we feed our budgie the same seeds too, as well as the ringneck dove.

My partner is thinking to just go back and buy the seeds that his dad used to buy:


It would be a bit pricier to get these seeds, but its really not too much difference. It just doesnt come in bigger 20 kilo bags so we would have to buy a couple of the 2 kilo boxes when doing supermarket shopping that's all. We can still buy seeds in bulk from the lady just not the budgie one anymore. We used to give trill to our indoor parrots, we would give them the cockatiel one which they did like. But now they get the seed house brand because they are used to it and the quality is better and it made locally too. Partner is just thinking to switch back for the doves because he just figures that beforehand they had no issues. They didn't seem to have issues here with us either, but we keep getting confused about which seed mixes to pick, whether they need the grit or not etc. At least the trill mix has shell grit already included so it would not be too much grit in there and they had that mix before with his father.

I appreciate any input or opinions anyone might have!