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Thread: toilet training Alexandrine parrot

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    toilet training Alexandrine parrot

    so i recently got a 10 week old Alexandrine parrot and i was wondering when i should start toilet training and how to go about it.

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    Re: toilet training Alexandrine parrot

    There are a few different ideas on how to.
    Google toilet training.
    Most work on the reward part. This can be just word or food.
    Making one place. Like a sheet of paper, or holding them over a rubbish bin and asking them to go potty. Can work.

    As long as when they do need to go they do, mild training can work. But if they become to well trained they will hold sometimes way too long and this is not healthy.
    Some birds even tend to become habitual in where they will pooh. And fly back to their cage to do it then fly back to you.

    Lorikeets are a good example. Some will only do it in a corner of their cage, while others can target you or places, or even just make a mess anywhere.
    R.I.P my little ones.

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